Surefire Ways to Affiliate Success

When running an affiliate program it’s not just about signing up and then the money starts coming in. That’s a bad joke that one, but it is surprising how many people actually use little or no promotion techniques once being part of an affiliate program.

What i thought i would do was list of surefire ways to get your Affiliate earnings going in a quicker and more productive way. Some of the techniques are designed for even if your website or blog does not receive that much traffic as well.

A List of Surefire Ways to Affiliate Success

  1. Design a blog specifically for affiliate promotion and post many topics related to the program. The surefire method here is at least 500 plus posts on related affiliate keyword topics and use seo keyword techniques.
  2. Use one tier or two tier affiliate programs and build a team of workers under you. A good technique here is the ten by ten. Build ten people selling the program below you then in thank you and an enticement work as a team to build ten active workers under them. This is fundamentally one of the most successful techniques as it creates excitement, and excitement creates more sales. In a future post i will write more on this topic as it is very important in creating high affiliate earnings and is a technique commonly used by super affiliate marketers.
  3. Create many content filled pages dedicated to good keywords related to the affiliate program which will get some good quality targeted traffic.
  4. Use article directories to post related articles about the affiliate program, ppc advertising, email marketing and many more other promotion techniques to promote your web pages or affiliate web address of the program.
  5. Last one is having a lot of traffic to your website where the affiliate ad is.. This is not as easy as it sounds so that’s why i mentioned it last.

Other than the list above motivation is another big key in any online or offline marketing. In a way affiliate success is like a numbers game, keep at it until you have the either the right number of traffic for sales from you website or keep at it until you have the right amount of people in your affiliate team (affiliate team only applies to one tier or higher affiliate programs where you earn off affiliate sellers you refer that get sales).

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