Tagalog for beginners lol…

I have been learning some basic tagalog words which is the philippine language, and i thought i would jot some down for anyone learning it..As i am gong to philippines soon i needed to learn some basics for while i was over there…anyone philippine can correct me if i am wrong ok..

short learnings

mahal = love
baliw = crasy
gusto = like
gusto ko ang iyong buhok = i like your hair
ako (like echo) = i
gwapo = handsome
maganda = beautiful
buhok = hair
walang anuman = your welcome
salamat = thank you
to thank = magpasalamat
mata = eyes
ngiti = smile
payapa = peace
bola = like a compliment lie or ball
opo = polite yes
halik = kiss
init = hot
mahal kita = love you

More Phrases

Good morning = ma-gan-dang u-MA-ga (note: dang rhymes with sang)
Have you eaten? = ku-MA-in ka na?
It’s late. Go to sleep. = ga-bi NA. ma-TU-log ka na.
Do you miss me? = MIS mo ba a-KO?
I miss you a lot. = MIS ki-TA. SO-bra.
I truly love you. = ma-HAL ki-TA. as IN.
I’m madly in love with you. = ma-HAL ki-TA. GRA-be. (or labs ki-TA. tin-DI.)
Ok, I agree (sulking tone). = K, Fine. Watever. (Ok, fine. Whatever.)
You’re so pretty! = ang gan-da MO. Cutie!
Sure! = si-GE! (like the word ‘Get’ without the ‘T’)
Please don’t sulk… = i-to na-MAN. WAG ka nang mag-tam-PO… plissss?

waaa…if you would like to comment to say some more thats great…im still learning..

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