Tagalog polite lessons – Philippines

Getting more ready for the Philippines…Well another quick review on my Tagalog Filipino language lessons…
Wow it’s not as easy as it looks….I think I’m progressing now though as i am starting to remember all the basics without thinking…I have learnt there can be a polite way of saying something as well as a normal way….The polite way is particularly important if talking to older people…

“When chatting to people older than you politely in Tagalog, the best way to make your sentences polite is to add po at the end of the phrase or word..”

Polite and normal Tagalog examples –

opo = polite yes
oo = normal yes
Salamat po = thankyou kindly
Salamat = thank you
Hindi po = No thankyou
Hindi = No

More Tagalog basics and phrases for us beginners –

Halika dito = Come here
Mamaya = Later.
Tara na = Let’s go.
Tuloy po kayo = Please come on in or welcome
Hindi = No
Mabuti = Fine
Ewan ko = I don’t know
Paumanhin = Sorry

Philippines Tagalog is truly an amazing language, hopefully when i visit Philippines i can recall all these sayings and words…Well they should help me either way i guess…For now paalam po readers (cya or bye politely)…

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