Template plus Traffic plus Content Equals Money

Template plus Traffic plus Content Equals MoneyIn discussion with a friend today the equation by Einstein came up E = MC squared. After the discussion I thought, what if I applied a formula on how to make money online? After thinking about it and all the elements needed for creating money online this is the closest formula of breakdown i came up with…

The formula

T + T + C = M

Template plus Traffic plus Content Equals Money. Not as catchy sounding as E = MC squared by Einstein but thought it sounded okay.

Let me break down the meanings of each to using this Money Formula –

T – The template is the unique look of your blog or website. It is important to look unique and different to other websites… That way as you get recognised by your template your website will be remembered and a trust will be formed. Also people judge unfortunately by looks, so even online this is true. By choosing a good unique template it is another good way of creating more sales…

T Traffic the essential building visitors to your website.. You know the drill the more traffic the better… Essentially this is the hardest and longest element to create for your website… This takes time and dedication… More pages and content is the best technique for creating more traffic.

C – “Content is king” like they saying goes… However make sure the content is good and not a duplicate (copy of other site). With blogs create a lot of web posts that are unique and targeted to your blog theme. The more content the better…

M – The last one, T + T + C equals… The dosh… The dollars… The Money… The combination of good Template, good Traffic and good Content.

I made this formula as a fun guide to helping your website or blog make money. When following this formula you can look more deeply into each category by reading some of my other posts on these subjects.  Next time someone asks you how to Make Money Online why not respond with the formula…? I’m sure it will get people thinking.

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