Is In Text Advertising the way of the Future for PPC..?

After studying bot revenues for the past 6 months i have to say that In text advertising such as Kontera or Adbrite has a way better conversion ratio (click through rate). I have been looking at my stats and it appears these are getting as high as 3 to 4% (3 to 4 clicks per hundred) on occasions.

“While i know generally a lot of In-text advertising pays a bit less, however the conversion of clicks really does make up for that. And in time who knows where bidding amounts will be as competition increases…”

I think personally maybe a lot of readers are really sick of seeing AdSense or similar ads to the point that they get clicked less. Whereas In-text blends in well. If you are unsure of what i mean by In-text, the double line blue ads on this or many of my posts is Kontera content-links..

In-text a Possible way of the Future for PPC..

I think the biggest decisions where it will be in the future will be decided by Publishers. What makes me think that these forms will get more and more popular is more publishers will choose them and then more advertisers will see this increasing bids until the market is the preferred option… The biggest factor to publishers is that they do not ruin the look of your website, they take less space and at 3 to 4 clicks per hundred that has more potential than other ppc’s.. This is a average study i have done on blog based content websites.. It is basically double the conversion level of normal ppc’s such as Bidvertiser or Adsense. It looks to me they are a highly probable way of the future of PPC…

What do you think of In text Advertising such as Kontera…?

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