The Beautiful City of Nha Trang

the beautiful city of nha trangI wanted to do a little post on where I am, currently I am staying in Nha Trang a beautiful beach city in southern Vietnam.. It has lovely beautiful coasts and the scenery is amazing.. I am currently here for the next few months and am enjoying my time here very much.. One of the best features is it’s large beach front that seems to run along most of the city..

The sands are nice and clear and many islands can be seen out from the beach front and from the hotel balcony..  The hotels here are all also lovely, accommodated with WI-FI, mod cons all needed services.. If you ever get a chance to come here, it is a great getaway place in the world.. Here are some nice pictures below of Nha Trang..

the beautiful city of nha trang


city of nha trang

the beautiful city of nha trang“For anyone that has been reading my blog regular you will notice I write very often on here (daily)..

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