The Future of Blogging

future of bloggingIt’s amazing to think of where blogging is now and what it used to be. Do you remember the old boring templates blogs used with the notepad look and style of writing? Well everything does have to start somewhere.. Even with the short history of blogs so far, the advancements can be seen with the fresher clean templates, plugins and enhancements… But will it go any further…?

After a bit of assessment of what the forefront of Blogging is now the future of blogging could possibly be like this….

Commonly people will use videos on there site, and more commonly as competition arises people will start to do live broadcasts like tv shows direct from there blog (Vlog meaning video blog). Content will always exist in blog posts for search engine value however audio will be considered a standard feature and option in posts. Video will be the biggest element of change though, it will be like thousands of online tv shows broadcasting there blog topics live.

As an example of a Live Broadcast Promotion –

“Visit Buyers Web live tomorrow on on the topic Making Money Online from AdSense. Daily live broadcasts every midday to 1pm. Learn from some of the top Adsense earners on how to drive more clicks from your Blog”

Blogging on mobile phones will become another popular option for future bloggers and readers. People will be able to add to there blog via there phone as well be able to view blogs direct from there phone. Also as mobiles get more advanced the videos will be able to be taken directly from there mobile phone and uploaded to the blogs.

As web space and online bandwidth costs are getting so much cheaper it is not just becoming a rich Bloggers option. This possible future of Blogging is so close to reality now. Fortunately some bloggers i believe will keep to just the content as it is now… However this is just my opinion of what the future of blogging will be…. What do you think will be the future of Blogging?


  1. Gopal G. (Gkannan) says

    Wonderful assessments. Blogging on mobile phones and other predictions by you are just about to happen, it seems. Laptops in the future may be so cheap that evety single individual from all walks of life may start carrying it with him or her.

    I am following your blog.

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