The New Yahoo Index Shuffle is like a Dance..

new yahoo shuffle like a danceI have been watching Yahoo ranking since the new update (on the 14th of April 08) and i have noticed a few things, some of my websites seem to be jumping all over the place like a dance for certain keywords…I have been watching some of my websites for one keyword go from page 1 to page 7 to page 3 to page 1 to page 3 …Wow yahoo I’m getting dizzy..

I think the new update might take some time to adjust the new algorithm, please be nice to my websites yahoo lol…. At the moment ranking appears to be like a dance…Shuffling the results around while the search engine ranks all sites..Would you like a dance Yahoo lol (laugh out loud)…?

You will notice the same thing I’m talking about if you search at yahoo for some major keywords watch a Website then come back a few hours later and its probably moved…dancing…Well we will all soon see the stable results soon i guess…If you notice your website jumping around a bit on yahoo for certain keywords i wouldn’t worry too much, it’s happening to a lot of us out there at the moment..

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