The Science of Getting Rich Online

science of getting rich onlineHow is your online earnings going?? hmm… Online money making really is all about baby steps don’t you think..? If someone told you could earn thousands in a matter of months then i am sorry you have been mislead.. You may have found the wonder product but chances are it is just another one of those sales pitches.. This is not to say money making online is not possible, I know it works.. as do many.. Its just about the dedication that makes it so hard to many..

In this post i wanted to focus on due focus, this will help those who wish to make money go that extra yard.. generating wealth or riches online really is like a science.. Its like a understanding of money as well as patience and the right formula to make it all work.. Below are three tips to keep that focus and the science on the right track..

The Science of Getting Rich List…

1. Multiple Streams of Income.. Do not put all your eggs in the one basket.. there are many golden eggs out there.. Work out your niche, do it well and try all avenues of income..

Look at it like this – 10 to 20 targeted money makers earning 5 dollars a day is over 50 to 100 dollars a day total.. This is a lot better than just 10 to 15 dollars a day from one source don’t you think..?

Golden Advice… Do not just use AdSense for earnings, this may have earned well in the past but those days are gone now that smart pricing has been introduced.. 

2. Focus on the niche you know well.. No point having a website about a subject you hate or do not know.. Try to do what is unique but also you know your stuff.. Its not work when you love what you write about as well..?

3. Find what converts for your website, no matter what it is, if there is no conversions work on building more interested traffic with back links or changing the product.. Too many times i see web owners selling the same product that just does not sell..

Another Golden Tip.. Sell products that are totally targeted to your niche.. that way you are helping your readers. In fact do not focus on what you want, focus on what your readers or visitors want..

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