The Secret to a Successful Blog is Becoming a Good Writer

Secret to a Successful Blog is Becoming a Good WriterIf you look around the Internet how many blogs can you see..? There are millions, am I right? However what really makes one blog different from another? What makes one blog stand out from another or what makes one blog more successful online?

What is a Successful Blog?

First of all let me define blog success. To one person success may not be about money, It may solely be about website traffic. To another it may be almost totally about the money and to another it may be both. So which one are you? Are you blogging to make money, blogging for fun or blogging for both? In this post I wanted to touch on the simplicity of the blogging concept and how to help if your reason for blogging is to make money as well as to create traffic and success. When you think about it,  they both go together anyway.

Okay so let me begin, the Secret to a Successful Blog is Becoming a Good Writer.. But what does that mean? What does Timon mean by this..? Below is my answers..

Ways to Write Better on your Blog –

Inspire in Your BlogInspiration is great, let’s face it.. I love a bit of inspiration every day, everyone does. Hearing good news or looking at the most positive side of something is what is needed here. If something inspires you, let your readers know. As an example the internet really inspires me because it is my biggest creative medium in my life. Not only can I express myself but it has allowed me to see places in the world I would only have dreamed of.

Create Emotion in Your BlogCreating emotion in a post is amazing. Something terrible happened to me the other day, I could not write because I was feeling down. What happened was my dog Kimi died. She was part of my life for a good 19 years and I kept thinking about her. She was such a happy dog and she had such a good life. It is sad when these things happen, have you ever lost a pet?

(I did lose a family dog recently, I am not just writing this as an example. Kimi was a great dog.)

Entertain in your BlogWhen you think about it this is what people mainly go on the Internet for. Try not to be too serious, life is too short, however try not to be too jokey as it has the opposite effect. In a way write seriously and chuck in a few jokes here and there to lighten the post or web page. That way it takes a serious piece of information and encourages people to read further.

Market in your Blog – If you like a product or service, write about it and include an Affiliate Link so you can earn some money. There is nothing wrong in referring a great product or service in a post and is essentially the core of making a great money making blog. Think about how much you can help your readers when you write about a great related affiliate program. Discuss the benefits to them in the post.

Multiple Streams of Internet Income Concept – Here I am again, discussing multiple streams of income. I mention this a lot and in fact in the next post I will go into this again in detail. The reason I keep going over this is because this is where the money comes from, if you want to make good money from your blog. It is not just about making a few dollars a day with Bidvertiser or AdSense. It is about making a few dollars a day from over 10 different sources. These sources can include affiliate programs, PPC and in text ads such as Infolinks. That way you earn from 10 to 15 different sources rather than two.

In a way look at it this way when it comes to Multiple Streams of Income, which would you prefer – 5 dollars a day from two sources of income (AdSense or Bidvertiser or Infolinks) or 30 dollars a day plus from multiple sources. I think you know the obvious answer.

Conclusion to Becoming a Good Blog Writer.

So many bloggers or online writers get caught up in seeing there blog like it is a fun project which is great. However if you want to make real money from its efforts you need to see it like a business as well. You may ask me, so now after all this discussion how do I get better at all these things such as becoming a better writer..? The answer is this, keep writing posts (you will get better at writing in time), keep goal setting, start seeing you blog like a tool and a business and lastly believe in yourself.

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