The Spiritual Side of Making Money Online

Okay let’s get down to business.. The way people look at life, the way people look at themselves and why some people make money and others find it very difficult. First off let’s look at money more so like a tool and cut to the chase on how we see ourselves. Depending on how you see things, money may have a spiritual side as well and that’s where this post ponders..

Do you see yourself as Chasing Money or is Money Chasing You?

There are two main ways of looking at money and how you think of it.. One is you are always chasing money and the other is you are attracting money.. Take a business man or women as a perfect example. They may be terrible at business or working but they may have the right mind set.. They believe they will make money all the time and what happens, it becomes reality and that’s where the spiritual side of making money comes in..

Spiritual Aspects of Life and Money..

We all believe in something whether it is nothing or religion or science it is still something. Money is no different, like religion. If one believes money will come to them strong enough the body and spirit will start to manifest opportunities to them to create that reality. I see it time and time again, why some people try so hard and others have opportunities thrown at them on a continuous basis. Can you see the pattern also, is it spiritual, i think so..???

On the negative side one can always believe money is hard to get or hard to save and so what happens this becomes reality also and so the cycle continues for maybe the rest of there lives.. Is one really so lucky with one idea or do they create there own reality from there own thoughts.. Many aspects to ponder for everyone. In the end we can all see commonalities in those that create there own wealth from scratch. And those that do not..

They had a belief, they had a dream and in the end they made thought or belief (spiritual) reality from this..

spiritual ways of looking at making money

If you see money as something you have to chase all the time, maybe it is time to reassess how you look at life. Reassess the spiritual aspect of everything so more opportunities come to you and in turn more money. It really is not rocket science when you look at it from a grounded point of view. Positive thought creates positive physical reality and negative thought creates negative physical reality. In the end we all decide on what you want to believe, but it is always good to consider different understandings of spiritual aspects of life.

What do you think? How do you see money and belief..?


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