The Surefire Way to Bore your Blog Readers

In previous posts I have gone over the many ways to help keep your readers interested in your posts, but i thought in this post i should look at the many ways to bore your readers that visit your blog. We have all been there, gone to a website or blog and started reading and thought “farout this is boring… or this writer is way off track…?” Then the decision is made for the reader to leave your blog… Oh no you lost a vistor. If we look at all the reasons readers get bored it should help to prevent it as well…

So if you own a blog, here is a list of reasons I believe will bore (surefire) many readers –

  • Bad looking Template
  • Always writing about themselves
  • Being cynical, biased, discriminative or prejudice in the writing style
  • Telling not discussing
  • Always selling
  • Sounding not confident
  • Bad Grammar
  • Writing about all the same topics as other blogs, not being original in opinion. eg. Copying other blogs ideas and concepts.
  • Only half finishing the post

Any of them sound familiar? To keep readers happy I always believe that as a writer you should include them in your writing style. What i mean by including them in your writing is by asking questions to the readers and helping answering common questions readers may have in a topic. However that is my opinion, what do you think bores readers?


  1. manilenya says

    I always have the bad grammar, that’s why no one is reading lol!

  2. Timon Weller says

    Hey Manilenya,
    I always recommend using a spell checking program or if you use wordpress it has an in built spell check you can use..

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