The Surefire way to fix Zero Affiliate Sales?

A lot of people know the feeling, going into your affiliate program account to see no sales or earnings. At first it is okay but after a few weeks or months sending them traffic what should you do to fix this issue…? First of all if you are sending them regular traffic, look at how related the affiliate program is to your website…? Second would you buy the product or service yourself?

After looking at these two factors the best way to solve the issue of no sales is to remove the affiliate program from your blog or website. Affiliate programs are much like trial and error, if after a few months on your blog sending them traffic but no sales are they worth still promoting…?

Affiliate Success Traffic Guide : “An example of earnings from a good affiliate program from traffic levels – One sale per 100 visitors minimum you send them… The more related to your website or blog the less traffic you need to send them per sale.. “

A good way of finding good Affiliate programs for your website is try a few at a time and keep the ones (after a couple of months) that create earnings… No matter how small or big the Affiliate earnings are the first sign that they perform from your website.

So next time you go into one of your Affiliate programs and see this occurrence, think to yourself is it in this category. In the end the perfect affiliate promotion for your website or blog for earnings is all programs earning something per month.

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