The Sweet Smell of Affiliate Commission Payments

A few years ago to this day I remember my first affiliate commission check. It was a well deserved one I tell you, I spent many hours and months even before I got my first payment ever and I just wanted to say the sweetness still lives on each time I get another payment. I have to admit the smell is a lot different to a ecommerce payments I receive all the time or my paid for service payments (web services). There is just nothing like a payment from a affiliate program..

Sweet Smelling Affiliate Payments..

For me the biggest difference is time and effort, do not get me wrong affiliate marketing is great, yet you must have patience like a zen master at times and willingness of a lion and lastly determination of a hmmm, gravity.. The point I am trying to make is it takes time, but the reward is excellent..

The best advice here when starting in this industry (other than subscribing to my RSS here of course lol.. ) is take each day as another goal. Try not to oversell, be yourself, have fun and enjoy your online entrepreneurs journey.

See it like a movie in a way, the ups and downs, the romance with your website, the action of getting in and creating the content and the suspense in the bad times and the joy in the good times of traffic and payments.. Is it a happy ending, well that’s up to you? And does it really end, it’s your life after all..

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