This is the Greatest Blog Post Title In the World!

greatest blog post title in the worldThat’s right, this is the greatest Blog post Title in the World.. When blogging online you can either use normal titles like everyone else or use compelling, exciting titles like the list compiled below..

First of all when creating Blog post titles think of what would compel the reader to visit, Is the title inspiring, emotional, cheeky or is it so unusual people will visit just because of that reason.. It is easy to be specific to the post when blogging however most of the time making the title unusual but still relating to the content will draw way more visitors and chances of some other bloggers linking to you..

This technique is often referred to as creating Link Bait.. Even the title in this post – This is the Greatest Blog Post Title In the World! – is a bit of a reader lure, while still relating specifically to the post..

I have comprised five standard titles and five modifications (Reader Lures I call it) to make each standard title great, to show exactly what I mean..

Five Standard Titles changed to Reader Lure Titles! (Link Bait Titles)

Standard Title – How to start a free Blog?
Reader Lure Title – How to start a Kickass Free Blog?
Standard Title – I make money from Bidvertiser, Do you?
Reader Lure Title – I made over a hundred dollars from Bidvertiser this Month, Did You?
Standard Title – Some Amazing Ghost Photos..
Reader Lure Title – 5 Amazing Ghost Photos that will scare they Heck out of You!
Standard Title – How to make good Pizza?
Reader Lure Title – How to make Pizza that makes Pizza Lovers Drool?
Lastly… The Title in this post.. Standard Title – How to make a Great blog Post Title?
Reader Lure Title –  This is the Greatest Blog Post Title In the World!

Making lure Titles is not the be all end all for blog post titles, I use them occasionally however I find they can really spice up your Blog.. Next time your thinking of writing a post, think of these tactics above.. In a later post on I will go into more detail an creating lures in content for readers, until then feel free to submit my post to the social networks as well as subscribe to my RSS..

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