Top Three Residual Recurring Payments Affiliate Programs

I have gone through all my Affiliate programs and these are the top three performing Affiliate Programs i use for residual earnings and recurring payments at the moment.

I have ordered them by payout and ROI for best earnings. If you are new to what is residual earnings, it is where you get paid each time the customer re orders the service or product.

As an example regular recurring payment services, such as hosting have high earning potential.

Three Top Evaluated Recurring Payment Affiliate Programs…

1. Performance Ads – 125 x 125 Ad Selling, Ad Buying, Ad Swapping Network. Refer people to the network and earn commission from that customer for life.

  • Earn $10 for each new publisher or advertiser you refer
  • Plus, earn 5% recurring revenue on all advertiser ad buys … for life.

2. MediaText In Content Ads (similar to Kontera Ads) – In Content Ad Network (Ads open in new window). By Referring new publishers to the in content Ad network you earn 5% of all there earnings for life!

3. Resellers Panel – Sell quality Web Hosting at the lowest price (as well as Domain Names) – You set the price of profit on hosting packages. Each time the referred customer renews there yearly hosting or purchases more of anything through them you receive profit. Huge income potential with this program. Also if you refer another Affiliate member to the program you will earn 10% of whatever they earn as well.. Think of the profits there.


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    Great advice ,I’ve been looking to start promoting some new affiliate programs.. These look good.

  2. this is a great information for those bloggers who are looking an affiliate program..
    thanks for sharing this informative information

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