Three Surefire Ways to Improve your Amazon Sales!

A lot of people are not aware of this but amazon is one of the most powerful affiliate programs out there.. I was not really aware of it myself until I started playing around with some marketing techniques.. And how to market it, is what it is all about with amazon..

Below are outlined three successful marketing tips to make huge sales and increase your amazon earnings tenfold…

1)   Linking – This is a simple technique of Linking in Content like a post or webpage on keywords to affiliate products in amazon.. This was such a simple finding yet the power of it is amazing.. I know if you are already an affiliate you are possibly writing posts or pages and linking to a couple but instead of that pick three or for keywords on any post and link to amazon…

2)   Link to this Product Method – This is already what most affiliates are already doing however do this separately depending on the post or page you are writing about. If say you are writing about affiliate marketing strategies like on this post then provide amazon products on this, like below.

If you put 4 or more single related products next to each other, I find it looks better and can really increase click through ratio..

3) Customers Who Bought Items Also Bought – This is a cool feature that can increase sales as well, if you add a targeted product to your page plus three or four products that amazon says customers have bought with this item.. Sometimes it is related to the item but is not what you expect, so this feature on amazon is great..

Update – 2013 calls for an update on this one and my amazon sales are way up lately, another way of increasing sales that i use the most is the image link, no need for anything else fancy, just grab the nice amazon image, add to a related post to that product and hey presto, can even make dull looking pages look better.

An example is below.

amazon top seller secrets

Lastly and still an important tip is even though a lot of sales commissions on amazon products may be a low 4% t0 10% of sales you refer, certain products can still produce good checks.

Eg large priced popular items such as Laptops, computers, etc.


  1. Thomas Williams says

    Amazon Affiliate program pays much better than other affiliate programs out there.;:~

  2. Using an author bio and a nice description helps sales as well.


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