Three Tips to Bringing an old Abandoned Blog Back to Life

Do you have an old blog that you have forgotten about..? Maybe lately you have thought about bringing it back to life like it was before, maybe it has been months or even years since posting and now all your blog receives is a few search engine visits. Whichever one it is this post may help bring it back to life and get it started again..

First of all do not panic, there is no need to start a new a new url, just follow these three tips below and your blog will slowly bring a community back around your blog..

Bringing an old Blog Back..

Bringing an old abandoned Blog Back to Life – Tip 1 – Write Five New Posts – Write five impressive unique posts, it is not important to mention that you are bringing your blog back to life , however you can mention it a couple of times if you like. What you mainly want from these posts is to write your best, including your readers as much as possible and creating as much emotion as possible.. Spend a bit of time on these and it will pay off, after which your home page will show all new posts.

Bringing an old abandoned Blog Back to Life – Tip 2 – Commenting – Spend at least one week commenting on related blogs, this is probably the best and most effective way to bring your blog back to life. Keep regularly commenting until you notice many or regular comment visits..

Bringing an old abandoned Blog Back to Life – Tip 3 – Social Networks – Become active in the all the old communities again, such as mybloglog and blogcatalog. Spend time in as many as possible, talk to people about your blog, and basically show a lot of support to other members. Join a few related forums as well and be active, answering peoples questions and just simply place your link in your replies.

Activity should begin again around your Blog!

After doing these three you should notice a number of dramatic changes including more regular traffic flow and some extra activity around your blog.. This is the time to start creating regular blog posts, how many is up to you, however it may be important to address why you stopped blogging on this blog in the first place a long time ago.. Maybe it was work pressures, or maybe it was some other activity you got busy with, either one it does not really matter that much.. With these tips above you should be able to give your blog a second life..

If you find abandoning, is a regular pattern you may be getting into, you may wish to start monetizing you blog in order to create more motivation, or maybe even create a big enough blog that you are happy with search engine based visits only..


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