Three Tips to Increase Visitor Length of Stay

three tips to increase visitor length of stayWe all want visitors on our website or blog however a visitor that only stays for 5 seconds is not much worth. There are many ways to improve visitor length of stay and i wanted to discuss three ways to improve it for your readers. First of all it is best to remember readers are just like us, they want quality information and they also like it well presented. So what is the best solution…

Three Tips to Increase Visitor Length of Stay

1) Nice Unique Template – I can’t tell you how much value this is to new readers. I nice template not only increases time of stay but also increases conversion if you are monetizing your website or blog. This is a simple and important element that should not be overlooked at all… Make it impressive and see how much better your stats do…? A nice template is like wearing a nice suit, it makes good first impressions…

2) Offer lots of free help or services to your reader and discuss valuable topics related to your theme or product line. Try not to be, whats the best word boring to your readers by going over the same stuff other people say, have you say on the topic and readership and length of stay will improve. People love posts or pages with feeling and uniqueness to another’s view, not just straight data or content, give it your own special oomph so to speak…

3) Include your picture in you website or blog, as well as write about your self as well as including your readers. Imagine part of your website or blog is selling yourself, having a contact us, and image, a phone number, some personal experiences does wonders in any website. Also one last thing images of people or animals create emotion and that is one thing most can agree on humans run on emotion…

After implementing some of the changes above if needed, have a look at your stats in the next couple of weeks, i have a feeling some of your visitor length will improve… See how you go. For more information and tips like this post on Visitor Length please consider subscribing via ( rss ) email to receive email updates in the right sidebar..


  1. hello!

    I strongly agree with tip number 3.

    readers are interested to know who’s blog they are reading.


  2. Timon Weller says

    Hey Sterndal,
    It is amazing how many website owners i have worked with where this is there number one issue, they have the high traffic (over 500 uniques a day) but length of stay is like 6 seconds… With a few small changes it can turn all aspects around, even if it just increases length of stay of 50 % of visitors to 1 to 2 minutes, it is a major improvement … 🙂

  3. What we need to do is, after got longer visitors is how to make them convert into sales action and not just viewers or lookers !

  4. Timon Weller says

    Hey Ari,
    Increasing visitor length with the tips above, will solve most of this as long as your target audience is to target product or service… 🙂

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