Tips for Filipino First Time Travellers

tips for filipino first time travellersThailand, Bangkok – It’s been good traveling to Thailand, compared to the Philippines there are a number of visible similarities of both countries. Well, of course both are from Asia but aside from that, there’s also a lot differences. From Suvarnabhumi Airport, it is a lot different compared to NAI Airport, the architecture, interior, system, and people.

Near Khao San Road in Banglamphu area is where I stayed. There are a huge number of tourists visible in the streets shopping, dining, and touring (of course! lol…) Thailand have wider streets in comparison that is slightly similar to Roxas Blvd, but Bangkok Roads are a lot cleaner. People are always smiling and friendly, no wonder Thailand is called “ Land of Smiles”.

Living in Bangkok

Bangkok is the Capital city in Thailand and I have noticed they have cheaper “cost of living” than Manila, the Capital city of the Philippines. A budget of 100 Baht a day for food is enough (125 Pesos) for me. 400 Baht a day for a good accommodation (500 pesos), air-conditioned room with cable, toilet, and free breakfast.

GENERAL TRANSPORTATION: A taxi is charging by meter 35 Baht/min. up to 4Kms, Bus 3-15 Baht/hour, Boat around 7 Baht, Train 10 Baht for short trip. There are no old vehicles around Bangkok, it seems like they only keep the good new vehicle models from 2000 and up which is impressive!.

FOOD: They have an abundant lot of street food like Pad Thai, Fried Rice, Soups, Fresh Fruit Juices, Shakes, BBQ’s (food is so abundant). Cafes and Restaurants are abundant as well with general food range prices in cafes between 30-150 Baht per meal.

5-6 Baht per Litre (Bottled).

So there you go, these are just a few things I have noticed on my first trip to Bangkok that I think would help not just the first time Filipino Traveller, but any traveller heading to Thailand…

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