Tips to Keep your Blog Related to your Niche?

How is your website niche going..? Are you keeping to your main niche or are you drifting..? It is okay to drift a bit but in order to keep your readers happy it is best to stick to your niche as much as possible..

Here is some tips below on how to do so..

Tips to keep your Blog Related to your Niche? – Finding Keyword Topics –

When starting your niche or trying to work out topics for your niche it is best to jot down as many keyword phrases as possible related to your niche.. Try to come up with at least 50 keyword topics for your main and many also for similar to your niche and build further on that..

e.g.If say blogging was your keyword focus then jot down related post keyword topics to write about like below.

Blooging writing tips
What is Blogging
Blogging Vs Writing
How to Blog?
And so on.. You want as many as possible.

Tips to keep your Blog Related to your Niche? Always Ask Questions –

Another aspect that works well is asking your readers on what they think about a particular topic, get feedback and see if you can go further into this topic of interest, chances are even if one person gives advice on a topic then many more are interested in it as well..

Tips to keep your Blog Related to your Niche? Keep Brainstorming and use Keyword Research –

Keep brainstorming as you are developing your blog to find topics you may have not noticed related to your topic. Another technique is to do some keyword research in Google AdWords.. Just go into tools in your account to find more related keywords to any keyword search..

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