Tips to Picking a Unique E-Commerce Product

When trying to work out what is a good product to sell in a store online (E-Commerce), there can be many obstacles. The first one and most important is choosing the right product for your store.. Below is a few tips to help make the right choices before you get started.

1 ) Unique Product – Make sure the product or service is quite unique, not to the point where there is no demand but instead try to focus on what you consider is cool but hardly anyone sells online. This will be a great beginning boost and can make a massive difference in any E-Commerce business..

TipA good way of testing a unique product for demand is by adding to eBay to see how it goes in auction, if it sells well it is a great sign. However it is always good to remember eBay buyers are very fussy on pricing, so take that into account.


An example of a unique in demand product is if say you were selling pens, but no one sold felt tip pens online, it would make sense that felt tip pens would probably be easy to sell then.. (this is just an example, I am sure there are plenty of felt tip pen sellers out there, but it helps to get an idea.)

2 ) Unique Easy to Remember Url – Try to pick a url for your store that relates to your unique product line. It does not have to be total keywords, try to make it sound trendy as well as include a partial keyword that way visitors will remember the url brand..

3 ) Good Web Hosting – This one speaks for itself, you need to choose one that has good up time and is not regularly down when visitors are on your site. Basically said, a good host that can handle a lot of visitors. (for some recommended web hosting choices click the link at the beginning of this tip.)

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