To Blog or Not To Blog that is the Question…?

to blog or not to blog that is the questionWhy do we blog…? What is the point of blogging..? To a blogger the answer is simple but this a common question a lot of us get asked on a regular basis. The truth of the question is why not Blog..?

Blogging is one of the best ways to create and make an informative social network around your online business or interested theme. I never really understood the whole concept of blogging in the past as all my Internet experience has been with standard websites and E-commerce. I now understand the full power it has a website online.

Here is a list of some good reasons to Blog –

  • Online Diary of expression
  • Becoming the new form or option as a Writer
  • Monetizing as an Extra Money Earner
  • Search Engines like Blogs
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Many More….

Overall blogging has become a good way in which people can comment on your content, interact with you, create readership, and become more part of the Internet. If this sounds good to you, then blogging may be another good avenue for you to look at. In the end be careful, blogging can be very addictive… (lol)

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