Too many get rich quick schemes….!

There are so many get rich quick schemes on the Internet…the best thing is to not be fooled…making money online is not just whack up a site do a bit of promotion and then head to the bank…these people generally make money by tricking people into thinking this…unfortunately we all look at these things to see what they are to begin with when working online…

With all avenues of income some time is involved to get your site of the ground and making money.

Three easy pointers to use are –

  • put the hours in
  • look at all the avenues for getting your site seen
  • look at avenues that interest you

These are three basic ideas. I mean it’s much easier to make money and be motivated if you don’t mind writing about or selling it or the service. These are just some guidelines i use. Especially in the use of blogs. Making a plan on what you want online in steps of progression is way to go and also the allocation of just one thing at a time.


  1. get rich quick says:

    get rich quick…

    Someone needed to say that….

  2. Sabrina from says:

    Great post!…there is definetely too many get rich quick schemes…

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