Traffic equals money…

Fundamentally working online isnt as easy as it looks…it isnt about wacking up a website and selling the products you provide…there are many things that need to be fine tuned…some of these things are what are these people interested in, your customers and would they buy from you online…and if so why you over other people…

First of all people judge a book by its cover in the same sense as they judge an attractive person…your website must look friendly…its great to have good rankings in the search engines but whats the point if people leave straight away…

As the old saying goes online you have 6 secoonds to sell to them what they are either interested in or what you can make them interested in…they are both good…make your headings defined to what you sell…and pictures do help a great deal…

Fundamenttally with all these elements all you need after that is traffic…ahhhh the hard one…make your pages interesting for readers and search engines…well is it possible…the answer is YES!

How you get the traffic is interesting…a good idea is making it so your site is welcoming to come back…and here’s a few tips –

  • email subscription
  • friendly, witty and well wriiten pages
  • good presentation
  • for readers mainly then search engines
  • increase the size of your site with fresh content over time

These are five great main tips for improving sales and readers to any website online… therefore improving traffic…and what does traffic equal online…traffic equals money…$$$

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