Traffic Exchanges do not Help!

traffic exchanges do not help One form of generating traffic online is in the form of traffic exchanges. While it does help to achieve more traffic and improves alexa rank it will not do much else. I would recommend not focusing to much on these programs. The unfortunate truth is the visitors generated from these programs are also looking for more traffic… That is there targeted focus…

Some examples of these Traffic Exchange programs are –


Traffic swarm is one of the better of these sort of programs however it still produces a lot of unrelated traffic. I have noticed one thing though in common, if your website or blog is about generating traffic then maybe this is a good avenue. I have not tried this yet however i believe a catchy doorway page about a traffic generating affiliate program could possibly do really well…

“Traffic Exchange users are looking for more traffic like you so the visit generally has none or little value…”

When i try this experiment i will let you know the results… So if your website is not related to traffic, traffic exchanges do not help your online business… A better focus i would recommend focusing on is getting more quality links to your website..

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