Understanding the Google Index Video by Matt Cutts

Google just recently released a video (below) on the understanding and state of the Google index from last year (2008). It basically is a directors edition on the Google presentation that happened at PubCon 2008 in Vegas with a few extras chucked in..

The video goes into many developments that happened last year like Google Chrome, SearchWiki, Voice Recognition Software, The New Google Trends and many more including what is the difference between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.. The best aspect about this video is it answered many questions on the subject of Google, including Google likes SEOs and Webmasters.

“By understanding the Index better it can help us webowners or webmasters do better in the Google Search Engine..”

What made me excited was Google’s particular focus on helping those who are creating good unique quality content and trying to fix issues that may be effecting your sites.. Basically this is indicating good positive news for all us White Hat Bloggers or Website Owners.. (white hat is ethical web site owners) Anyway, before I keep going on and on about what Matt Cutts says, grab yourself a coffee or tea, watch and Enjoy!

Video below by Matt Cutts (Google) – State of the Index

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