United States US Dollar Vs Australian AUD Dollar

United States US Dollar Vs Australian AUD DollarIn the last four years in the Australian dollar has gone through man values. I can remember about 4 years ago the Australian dollar was worth about 65 US cents. As time progressed to now the Australian dollar is almost the same value as US dollars. US dollar weakening and Aud dollar strengthening.

Current Value = 1 AUD = 0.96 USD as of this post

Australian Dollars are being accepted by most Credit Card Merchant Accounts

The majority of Credit card merchant accounts are accepting AUD dollars now as more Australians are getting a higher Internet market presence online.. Also excepting in AUD is a similar currency as USD as well so worldwide transactions have more options.

Do You Run an E – Commerce website?… Why accept AUD..?

As more and more Australian shoppers are coming online into the online marketplace more and more places are accepting AUD. As time goes on by not excepting AUD you may be losing potential customers or money that could be earned if you did accept AUD.

If you are not excepting AUD as one of your currencies and believe your product or service may be of interest to Australian customers then you should have a look at the options of change. Because most merchant accounts except AUD as an option now, it usually is a free implementation to add to your website or merchant account as an extra option of currency.

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