Url Branding and Why it is Important for Remembering a Website?

url name branding and why it is so importantPreviously in a post I mentioned the importance of writer name branding and the power of people remembering your name. Later on in a post I mentioned the importance of image branding for generating more trust and traffic. In this post I wanted to go into the benefits of Url branding, basically this is the technique of using an easy to remember url in relation to your niche..

This can increase visitors, readers and draw more natural search engine visitors as well..

An Example of Url Name Branding

A perfect example of url name branding with a blog would be say as an example you wanted to have a dog grooming blog.. You know heaps about it and you think others will enjoy your information.. First thing you do is decide on a Url Brand, in relation to dog grooming, you could use urls like –

doggrooming.com, groomingwoofs.com , doggroomer.com
If say your name was Jim you could be more personal like
jimdoggrooming, doggroomingjim.com, jimsgrooming.com

As you can see from the examples above if a visitor visits your website or blog they can easily remember your url name and chances of returning because of this are greatly improved. By using names that are hard to remember people will try to find you but may find your competition instead.. Ouch that can hurt.. This could be helping them, more than you..

Remember my Name and Url Please Visitors.. Think on That Aspect..?

Basically in the end you want two elements, people to remember you own name as a writer and secondly people to remember your url name. These two elements are important for both website and writer.. In reference to above when people search on the search engines for your keywords you want to come up for –

Jim Thomas (if that is your name as a blog writer)
Grooming Woofs (If groomingwoofs.com is your url)

After working out a good domain name for url branding, what you need to do next after that is find a good web hosting package and domain name provider to get it. For good cheap web hosting plans visit my post on web hosting I recommend..

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