Using PPC’s to create More Affiliate Sales

Using ppc programs such as yahoo and google are one of the many ways to refer sales with Affiliate programs. Depending on the program and the uniqueness i find depends on your success with this form of marketing. One of the best types of affiliate programs to do this with is a high needed and high return program.

Using PPC's to create More Affiliate Sales

The best way to look at it is if say from spending 20 dollars on ppc’s you receive one Affiliate sale and the affiliate sale is for like $30 dollars or in commission per sale then you are on a successful ratio there. Whatever the ratio is as long as you are making more than you are spending that is the aim…

One good example of an Affiliate program that falls into this category is with the resellers panel. The service for offer is hosting which is a needed product as well as creating you a commission on each hosting package it offers yearly residual payments for each renewed hosting plan.

Using PPC's to create More Affiliate Sales

Overall depending on the affiliate program depends on the ratio to spend per sale or ROI like a lot of marketers use as a term. With this form of marketing you can see that even without a website some people can make an extra income online referring affiliates. Although it can be trial and error with many programs, this can another good form of spending money to make money…

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