Visiting Khao San Rd Bangkok, Thailand

Visiting Khao San Rd Bangkok, ThailandAs the 17th draws near I thought i would answer some questions regarding accommodation and about the famous Khao san rd in bangkok. Khao San rd will be my first destination from the Bangkok airport as it is a easy place to find accommodation any time at a discount price. First of all if you have not been to Thailand before you are probably thinking what it would be like over there…? This will be my third time to the kingdom of Thailand.

Guesthouses in Khao San rd

First of all accommodation in Khao san rd area is really easy for any tourist, prices vary depending on what place you go to… Somewhere in between 200 baht to 600 baht is average ( 6 to 16 dollars a night) for a double. If you are travelling single like me then minus a hundred baht off the average price. Most rooms have AC, Cable, hot water and all the mod cons any one could want.

Food in Bangkok – Khao San Rd

Food is an interesting one in Khao San rd, food can range from 20 baht on average to 100 baht per meal (60 cents to 3 dollars). Fresh food can be purchased from market stalls including the delicious Pad Thai (20 baht).
Other than food water or beer can be purchased anywhere, water ranges from 4 to 10 baht per large bottle. The famous Chang beer can be bought from most places including 7 11s for 750ml for 30 baht(less than a dollar US). Compared to Australia or USA, 7 11 stores are actually discount stores in Thailand where you can buy cheap water or alcohol etc.

Daily Budget needed in Thailand and Khao San rd 1 Person

Thailand is a country you can get by on for not much, but I would recommend for US or Australian visitors about 16 to 20 dollars a day budget. This way the accommodation is always exceptional, you can enjoy eating out all the time, transport, etc. This is about 500 to 700 baht a day.

Breakdown of Costs for Thailand Per Day

Guesthouse room between two 200 to 250 baht each
Guesthouse for one 300 to 350 baht
Food 180 baht
Water 20 baht
Optional Alcohol if you drink 100 baht (three drinks)
Transport 100 baht some days

Total = 500 to 700 baht depending on situation (16 to 20 dollars).

Have a look at the video above to see a bit more on Khao San rd. This is a Khao San Rd stroll on a busy friday night.

Wireless and Internet Access on Khao San Rd

Khao San rd for any laptop owners will have no trouble finding wireless Internet as in most places you visit in Thailand. For any of you that are running online businesses like myself there is no need to worry about this element….Enjoy…! Most wireless Internet access is free with food or accommodation however if charged a usual price is 30 baht per hour (1 dollar per hour)

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