Visual editor button Not Working in wordress 2.3.2

I spent hours of time going through script yesterday because all of a sudden my visual editor button in WordPress admin stopped working…What was happening was the button was there, but it would just stay in code…Ahh how frustrating….I tried uninstalling Plugins and everything i found on other posts on the issue…

Visual editor button not working in wordress 2.3.2 - solution fix

Finally after hours of no luck and headache i found the solution that helped me…If you are running WordPress 2.3.2 and your visual editor button just stopped working then hopefully it will help you too…Fingers crossed..

What was creating the error for me was a mention to a previous plugin that was there called flickr photo-stream..It had left a script that was conflicting with another plugin…A contact us plugin…If you have this plugin and this issue is arising please check the script that is making the flickr plugin work…

Since i did not run the flickr plugin at all when i found the reference to it in sidebar.php (in themes), i removed the flickr reference and the Visual editor started working again…Remember to do a few refreshes (F5)….Here is how the script looked like for anyone looking for it…

Visual Editor Button Fix – If you don’t run the Flickr plugin but this reference in one of your pages then remove these lines –

<!– Start Flickr Photostream –>
<?php if (function_exists(‘get_flickrrss’)) { ?>
<div class=”Flickr”>
<h3>Flickr PhotoStream</h3>
<?php get_flickrrss(); ?>
<?php } ?>
<!– End Flickr Photostream –>

Because the visual button was not working for so long yesterday in WordPress, I’m hoping to save some people some headache with this solution…If the flickr reference is not in the sidebar.php it may be in another file for your template…If you know of any other solutions that helped you with this issue just comment them below..

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