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Have you heard of BlogCatalog? Well you might of seen there widget displayed on many blogs. It has become one of the biggest free social network for commenters (on many blogs) out there. As you can see from the widget image to the left there it’s all about commenter’s.

What is a Social Network you might ask?

Any online social network is about people being able to get together and connect through a single profile. Maybe you have heard of Facebook which is a perfect example? What is great about social networks is it allows all friends in your network to comment or keep up to date depending on the network.What makes Blogcatalog different is it’s a community social network based around commenting on Blogs.

“What a bonus for any Blog owner. Social networks based on Blogging is a great mix because any online business is about people”

One of the many good aspects of Blogcatalog is if you own a blog yourself they will crawl your blog for updated posts similar to a search engines and index the listings.

Benefits of using BlogCatalog –

  • Another good free way for advertising your blog.
  • Allowing another avenue for comments.
  • Set it up it and it looks after itself.
  • Allows more interactions for your posts on your blog.
  • A more exciting and more visual avenue for commenter’s whether they have a blog or not.

Voting on BlogCatalog –

Blogcatalog is partly a rating system for the ranking of posts in there index. The more votes the better. While you are here why not Rate my Blog or write a review?

Each Comment by a BlogCatalog member is displayed by a visual avatar or your own image that links to your profile. Overall BlogCatalog seems like another good blogging addition for many blogs out there.

Why not check it out more yourself by seeing my BlogCatalog profile.


  1. To bad Blogcatalog aren’t passing any link love since they use nofollow.

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