Vote for which Search Engine you prefer?

Well there are so many search engines out there these days, it’s a hard choice. I have included all the major Search Engines. For all the minor search engines, I’m sorry..

On statistical average most people prefer Google and Yahoo, but let’s do a vote now for your favorite… Let’s not listen to statistics this time… Comment your thoughts below.

vote for which search engine you prefer

When Picking your Favorite Search Engine below please look at Many Aspects –

  • Good search results
  • Design
  • Your overall use..

Other factors you may want to consider as well is how effected are you by media and branding.? Are you finding yourself using Google more and more based on what you see in the movies rather than choosing the exact platform that would really suit you.? Or in other words what would make choose taking away brands altogether.

I, myself personally swing between Yahoo and Google, however lately tend to swing more to Yahoo as Google is starting to favor brands more in there search which is a bit upsetting considering we see enough brands on the TV, for the net to go that way it is a considerable change. If however Google changes back, well that is another story altogether.

Update – Msn Seacrh is now referred to as Bing.

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