Want More Search Engine Traffic? – Welcome to Google Trends

more search engine traffc with google trendsSometimes when looking or trying to work out exactly what to write about, a good tool that may help is the new Google Trends. Not only can it help find a keyword topic many people out there are interested in, but can also increase website traffic. Simply put the top hundred trends on Google trends are the highest traffic keyword searches from that day from Google.

Google Trends in another name could be Daily Search Engine Keyword Trends

From the top one hundred you can easily form patterns on which to write about. One example today at number one is langoustine, while the term may not relate to your website, you can see that if the keyword did, it could be posted about and possibly receive a large amount of search engine traffic. Also you can see there is another 99 options there where keyword trends could relate to your niche and this trend is only for within US, you could even choose another country trend search.

Get to know your Reader Niche Better with Google Trends

Another awesome aspect of Google Trends is it shows trends over time as well, so within your niche you can really work out the main interests of your readers over time. In a way it is like saying this is the most popular gossip today in your niche, enjoy!

Please note for natural search engine ranking other factors of course need to be taken into account such as how many other websites have content on this, but I think you get my point. Google Trends is another great traffic tool to use in any online niche.

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