Wasting your time with Twitter…

wasting your time with twitterIf you haven’t heard of Twitter yet, what they are is a unique social network based on short updates of your life.. They could be a short phrase on having breakfast or anything you can fit in under 200 characters. What ever it is it generally is the things people don’t say about there life. What goes on in between, the little things in life..

They have become a very popular social network in the last couple of years and if you run a blog they can update your latest blog post each time automatically for you to your Twitter account. What would be the point of this you might ask? Well how it helps is if you have heaps of followers and friends on Twitter they are updated with your latest Twitter posts.

“I was joking about Twitter being a waste of time… I was just trying to get your attention”

This can potentially draw in heaps of extra free traffic to your blog. Especially if you have over 500 followers for your twitter account. Overall they are a good way to keep your friends, family and other people up to date with your activities as well as possibly creating more traffic for your blog..

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