Ways to Blackmail more Stumbleupon Traffic!

Ways to Blackmail more Stumbleupon Traffic! Are you getting much Stumbleupon traffic bursts lately?, how do you link to them so that more visitors will submit your page… There are a  couple of good persuading or blackmailing techniques that can greatly increase your Stumbleupon traffic submissions…

“By submitting to the Stumbleupon index you allow other people to view and review this page as well which helps the writer by recieving more traffic in return for there writing efforts… In other words its a good way of saying thankyou…!”

1) In your post or web page include the Stumbleupon submission button in an easy to see location. That way web readers don’t have to look everywhere to find it or copy paste link urls to submit to Stumbleupon. Underneath the Stumbleupon image have writing such as – “Like this Post – Submit Me to Stumbleupon

2) In posts or webpages down the bottom of your content write a line like – “Did you enjoy or were you helped out by this post or webpage? Then do me a favour and help me out by submitting it to Stumbleupon. It only takes a moment and it can help other people as well.”

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