Ways for Teens to Make Money Online

I was recently asked this question by a young teenager around the age of 15 “Ways for Teens to Make Money Online” .. (I decided to not include the name for privacy reasons.) It took me a while to answer as it was an unusual question. The best answer i think of is it is not much different to if you are an adult.

I recommended blogging around an interested theme. She was very much interested in skate boarding and all related to this so i recommended writing a skateboarding blog about it.

“Teens that are interested in Making Money Online can establish a web business or blog for the future…”

I also recommended reward based affiliate programs where age does not matter… If her parents were happy to use there name then, more adult based would be fine but her alone it had to be these sort of programs.

The important aspect of it all i explained to her was making a good base for when she was old enough to earn while using reward based payment programs on the way. I mean after three years and she is 18 the advantage of an established web blog can help a lot with her start in life…

Things she can achieve by 18 –  (Ways for Teens to Make Money Online)

  • A blog with over 1000 to 3000 content pages (posts) on skateboarding and related.
  • A good targeted readership base on skateboarding
  • Implement Skateboarding referral programs…
  • Have better and higher levels of writing and publishing skills which are invaluable for life skills
  • Achieve a good base for making money from ppc, ppa and related affiliate programs to her theme.

Here is a basic list below of some recommended ways online…

Ways for Teens to Make Money Online – Reward Based Programs

  •  Survey Reward Affiliate Programs
  •  Gift Card Reward Programs
  •  Permission based Affiliate Programs, Parents give consent and use there name..

While this is not the common answer most 15 year old’s may want, some are becoming more interested in the Internet world. It seems to be younger and younger each year. What a great learning curve and valuable tool this young introduction can be for anyone that is this age and motivated to start… And think of the future advantages they will have… It’s all positive…


  1. wow. i admire the kid who asked you that question. when i was 15, i never heard or though about making money online. i consider her lucky for being able to see the internet as a potential money maker (or maybe someone told her about it).

    i think she’d still be able to make money even though she isn’t 18 yet. private ads might be an example. 🙂

  2. Timon Weller says

    Hi Blanne,
    Yeah i admire the question too… Yeah private ads is a good one as well… I will add that too and let her know.. She is a friend of the family and heard i make money online so was very interested.

  3. I agree, that’s brilliant for a 15 yr old to have just even thought about it…cool. She will be a great potential money maker considering she’s starting early…:D

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