10 Ways to Get Deep Links to Your Website

How is your link building campaign going..? While, building links for your homepage is good, links to other pages within your website (deep links)  is really good also as it allows better internal search results and also will increase your websites overall traffic levels.

If you are still unsure of what a deep link is by definition a deep link is a link to an internal page on your website other than your home page.

Benefits of using Deep Links Includes:

  • Improve the search engine rankings of internal pages on your website.
  • More Internal Traffic.
  • Allows influence for other parts of pages within your website and if you use internal linking well it distributes weight better.

10 Ways to get Deep Links…

1) Good Content – Content is king especially if the reader enjoys it. If they enjoy it enough chances of sharing it on their own website or blog (with your deep link url as reference) has increased. This is often referred to as a trackback when one blog link references another blogs post in a post. This is one of the best ways to increase deep links.

2) Article Distribution – 90% of article directories allow you to have at least two links in the about the author box. You can create a deep link to an internal page on your site in addition to linking to your home page or even just use two internal deep links…

3) Internal linking  РInternal deep linking is important, basically these are your own deep links within your website and are very important for letting the search engines know where all your pages are as well as improves readers experience and traffic.

4) Social Bookmarking – A lot of social bookmarking services will provide a back link to your website. Although a lot of these use nofollow they still have there place and allows posts or pages of yours to be recommended by others and possibly bloggers or website owners may reference you on there own website.

5) Exchanging deep links with other quality web site owners Рyou can do a link exchange with someone who owns a site that is RELATED  to your site and ask them to link to one of your internal pages rather than your home page. This is often referred to as a internal link exchange, if you do it just make sure the site you swap with is high quality as well as related. Blog post link referencing swaps is a perfect example of one type of these exchanges.

6) Forum Posting – Many forums let you have links to your website in your forum signature or profile. You could include a deep link in here instead of the homepage link. Some forums also allow two links which is the best of both worlds.

7) Paid and Free Directory Submissions – Some free and paid web directories allow you to include deep links.

8 ) Blog Commenting – This one is pretty self explanatory, when submitting a comment use a related post of webpage instead of your homepage in the submission. Commenting is a very powerful system, just make sure to contribute properly to the other persons website when using it. Add to the post i mean..

9 ) Free Ebook – Write your own good ebook and often many will link to you in the same reference to the books teachings that you reference on your book. For example if in the ebook you reference a post on your blog as reference for more information. Also like any good product that is offered for free, it creates a lot of excitement, brings traffic and links.

10 ) Blog Focused Competitions – These are another way to get deep links, however to get good interest in the competition I recommend first having at least 500 plus uniques a day to begin with. That way many will join the competition and if focused on Blog related many will write about the competition on their own blogs and a lot of the time link reference the competition.


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