31 Ways To Make Money Online 2010

Well I just had my 31st birthday the other day (happy birthday to me..). So I believe it is time Buyers Web wrote about 31 online ways to make money online for all you people.. All of these ways are recommended by Buyers Web as well as myself. They are my this year – 2010 recommendations.. If you can think of any other awesome ways or affiliate programs feel free to comment it below.. (No link spam though okay.. )

1 ) Infolinks

2 ) Bidvertiser

3 ) AdSense

4 ) Ecommerce

5 ) Kontera

6 ) Selling Hosting with Resellers Panel

7 ) Revtweet

8 ) Cashcrate Rewards Program

9 ) Woothemes

10 ) Deal Dot Com

11 ) Adbrite

12 ) Pepperjam

13 ) Related Paid Advertising

14 ) Squidoo – Yes that is right i will write about them in future..

15 ) Twitter Affiliate Marketing

16 ) Clickbank

17 ) Related Affiliate Programs

18 ) Allposters Affiliate Program

19 ) Article Marketing

20 ) PPC Marketing

21 ) Online Business Investing – Shares

22 ) Email Marketing

23 ) Online Investment Banking

24 ) Business Ventures or Partnerships

25 ) Dropshipping

26 ) Website Purchasing or Investing

27 ) Multi Level Marketing

28 ) Referral Marketing

29 ) PPC Affiliate Marketing – Marketing done by referring affiliate programs through PPC ads

30 ) Ebay

31 ) Blogging!

Well that should keep anyone busy for a while. While there are so many more these money makers  took my pic this month. Thanks for reading..


  1. David Villa says

    I agree with what you say about the different ways for making money online. Nowadays Internet become the source from where you can earn money online at any time. Today affiliate marketing program and internet marketing services has shifted into the greater height

  2. I think that it is great that you have provided such an extensive list of ways to make money online. You have definitely given me some ideas that I am going to consider. I think that the key to being successful at making money online is to find multiple ways to do so. I have made money from some of the opportunities that you have listed including CashCrate and Squidoo. I have also made money through online paid surveys sites. I started my journey to make money online about four months ago and since that time I have made over $300. I know if may not sound like much, but it was fast and easy to make. If anyone would like to read my reviews or see my payment proofs feel free to check out my blog. Thanks again for the great info!

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