3 Ways to make Money Work for You?

Which would you prefer? Money working for you or against you? Yeah i know, silly question, every ones answer would be that they would want there money to work for them.

What do i mean by make money work for you?

What i mean by working for you is money generated is from systems that generate money by themselves. Once setup they bring in an extra or full time income with minimum effort required.

There are many ways to make money work for rather than against you. When we focus our money making on investment earning as well as commission then you will find that money can start working more in you favour. Here are three main ways to make money work for you online and offline.

  1. Residual Commission – How residual commission works is you will receive a recurring commission from the customer you have referred to the program through there purchases. These residual earnings will last as long as the referredĀ  person is with the service or buying program. Some good sources of this are from Hosting Affiliate Programs, Credit Card Affiliate Programs, Art Affiliate programs, etc…. This form of commission can be made online or offline. An example of this is any two tiered Affiliate Program where you generate sales from people you refer or MLM programs out there. Residual commission income is a recommended way of building an income that works for you with minimum effort required after the initial referring.
  2. Investment Income – Income form investments such as bank interest, property and shares. Great for people that have a lot of money or have a good steady income to begin with but for the average income person is a hard one to get started in. As the saying goes money creates money… the saying is very true. If say you had 500, 000 deposited in the bank at 8 % per year interest, your monthly interest earnings from that would be $3333 per month. Good extra income for just having money in the bank hey.
  3. Internet Income – This is my favourite and the one income i discuss a lot. The whole design of the Internet can be used as a way to make money online and develop a good steady monthly income that if you compared to other conventional businesses the positives far out way the negatives. With a website you can set it up to accumulate sales as well as readers etc, while you sleep. The Internet is something that the average income person can get involved with and generate a nice extra income or even a full time income like me.

The difference between these three income types and conventional business is when you get these three up and going your time is being saved dramatically. Almost in a way like a machine working in your favour. And the best element of all is you can be earning money when your on holiday, while you sleep, while you have dinner with your family and many more….

These three forms of making money work for you are a way of getting your time back to invest into areas of things you would want to do. Whatever it may be.


  1. Hi,You might want to earn some extra money on the side for that new car, new house or even to buy your loved one a present. It’s now so easy to make money online even for teens.

  2. Timon Weller says

    Young teen Bloggers seems to becoming more common… starting so early… It’s amazing they are learning how to make money online so much younger now…

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