Weight Loss for Bloggers

Being a blogger or online worker can be tough on the body, sometimes we forget to exercise as much as we should and so a little extra weight starts appearing. It sucks big time.. Recently I have been trying to get myself back into shape and I am doing okay. Below are some of my suggestions for bloggers and weight loss. Keep in mind I am only trying to get rid of a few kilos, if you are trying to get rid of more you may need to do a lot more than me for your weight loss.

Weight Loss Supplements

I have thought about using weight loss supplements, however I figure unless I am trying to lose a lot of weight it probably is not needed. I am only trying to get rid of my tummy weight mainly as this is the main issue. So I only have to lose about 3 to 4 kgs max.. If you have tried weight loss supplements, comment your experience with them below..

Weight Loss Programs

I thought about going to a weight loss program back when my weight was more of an issue, but because I only have to lose a few kilos I decided against it. I have heard though that weight loss programs are the best overall as they force you in a way to lose weight with diet and support..


This is where the fun comes in and why bloggers get chubby, am I right..? Too much sitting around drinking coffee and writing our blog posts, lol.. This is one of the main ones I am focusing on to reduce my weight. I figure if I do at least a half hour a day of consistent exercise, I should drop most kilos from this alone. Lately I have thinking about when I get back from Asia to Australia buying a exercise bike should help..

weight loss and beer not goodWater is Good

This is a new one to me, however I already drink a lot of water so this one is not too hard to implement. How the water diet and weight loss works is you drinkĀ  a good amount of water whenever you are hungry to sway most of the hunger pains and temptation.. Sounds like a good technique to do as I am trying to reduce eating quantity..

Green Tea Helps

Gotta love green tea, heaps of research is indicating a few cups of green tea a day can really help reduce weight. I am currently trying this for my weight loss and I hope it is working.. I like green tea so I will continue in my diet even once I lose those darn few kilos..

Beer is Not Good

Sadly I have been informed that beer does not help.. Sadly.. Okay so if you want weight loss you need to not drink beer, apparently a little red wine is fine and white spirits, but not beer.. This one is a joke by the way, most people know beer is not good for weight loss, I just added to lighten up the post..

What do you think..? Are you a blogger or online worker and have a bit of extra weight you want to get rid of..?


  1. Caroline Bryant says

    Exercise and strict dieting can do magic if you are trying to lose weight. I did a lot of cardio just to lose weight.~’:

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