What Converts on Traffic Exchanges?

What Converts on Traffic Exchanges?I have recently been playing around with Traffic Swarm, an online traffic exchange.. Basically what I have been trying to figure out is if there is a way to convert visitors to your site, that come from these types of services?  My results are interesting and positive so far..

What is Traffic Swarm? –

“First of all if you have not heard of Traffic Swarm before, basically it is a search engine type service that swaps traffic based on the sites you visit. If you visit one site in the program you get a couple of credits and so on.. The credits are then used when someone in the program visits your sites in the program. In a summary way the credit gives you exposure in the network and how you get more credits is by visiting other sites in the search engine. If you need any more information, go to Traffic Swarm itself.”

Your Probably Thinking Traffic Heaven… Hmm.. But Wait.. There is a Catch..

After hearing the explanation above of Traffic Swarm your probably thinking wow that is awesome as it brings more traffic, however there is a downfall with any traffic exchange. The traffic visiting your site generally only wants one thing, more traffic for there own site.. So does that mean it is worth it? It does not mean it is not worth it, who knows it could luckily get you some more orders or it may get you some return visits, however overall unless related to your audience it has not much weight.

What Converts on Traffic Exchanges?

So what is the solution you may ask? What are my results.. Okay so here is where it gets interesting I have found a conversion of sorts that may interest you. What I did was promote a traffic tips page from this blog in this network. That page is – 10 ways to get deep links to your website . This is a page that does not get much visits from elsewhere, so knowing most visits in my stats were from Traffic Swarm helped me work out my conversion..

At first it looked like the test failed totally, however as time went on I found that my post links off this post started getting more visits from these visitors.. Success in a way.. That meant that people continued further on my blog away from Traffic Swarm. It was not many hits through, per hundred visitors from traffic swarm, yet it still was around at least around %5 went further on following the links on that page.. And the answer was obvious in a way, the post focuses on getting more traffic through deep links and traffic is what that visitor wanted from Traffic Swarm, am I right..?

Give the Traffic Exchange Visitors What They Want.. Traffic for there SITE..

Okay so do not run to the bank on this one just yet, even though it is great news.. It still has to be played around with to see if I can work out how to convert further to orders or to email subscriptions. I am sure after this initial test though there is a way.. In summary, its giving the audience what they want is the key.. If you write about traffic tips or blogging tips or marketing tips you may get the same results.

My History of Traffic Exchanges

You know what is interesting about all this, I have not touched these services since I started working online in the beginning days way back, about 5 years ago. I assumed they did not convert at all and I was right at the time as It appears it was what I was promoting that was the issue.. After I do some more tests on conversion I will let you all know the results. If you wish to check out Traffic Swarm or sign up yourself click here.


  1. Hey Timon,
    I have always wanted to try Traffic Exhanges but did not think they would work. I was doing some reading recently and it was suggested to use an optin page with a related free product giveaway. I’d like to get more traffic to my blog but I’m not sure if Traffic Exchanges will get me targeted traffic. I’ll have to play with it as well.

    • Timon Weller says

      Hey Luca,
      Yeah I have always steered clear of them as well, until testing these results. Like I say though it all depends on whether I can take it further or not but so far the results look really positive. I think you are onto something there with a free product offer, especially I reckon if the free product offer is related to helping there website. Eg free PPC credits, free ebook on traffic if they subscribe, etc..
      Overall I would say none of the traffic is targetted from these exchanges, as most just want credit for there own visits, this tip is just to help increase or create some small amount of conversion even in a untargetted market.

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