What is a Vlog or Video Blog…?

what is a vlog or video blogThe definition of a Vlog is a Video online on a Blog…

Handy Cam Video’s are being used for a myriad of reasons these days, mostly for capturing family moments or special events. Now it seems they are becoming a new and free form of marketing and getting your website seen across the web online…(video log).

Why would you want to create Videos like Youtube Videos for your Website you might ask…?

The main reason is they create good amount of extra traffic for your website… Not only are they becoming a new form of information online but they are becoming so popular now that for anyone that uses video’s they are at an advantage. Simply by creating a video related to your content and adding to Youtube can create a good extra stream of free traffic for your website…

Think about the potential of getting traffic from Youtube (or online video networks) as well as the search engines… Also making your website more interactive for your readers and unique to other websites…

Here are the main benefits of using Video for your Website or Blog –

  • Very Interactive and Informative
  • Professional
  • For blogs makes your blog more personal
  • Used along side Information make your content more unique

Overall using videos on your website is another powerful form of marketing online and i am sure in the next near future Video Blogging or Vlogs will be a standard part of blogging… The video above is a short promo for the Buyers Web Blog. Let me know what you think…?


  1. Audra Rehfeld says

    Video blogginging is an exciting way to share your daily experiences with your family and friends. I have just started video blogging*-*

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