What is the Most Effective Text Color?

What is the Most Effective Text Color?This is one of those questions that seems like a silly question to ask yet can effect your overall visitor length. Just like how in previous posts I mentioned that people judge a book by it’s cover the same goes with the color of writing.

“Color is an interesting one, we are all effected by it everyday…”

Colors can make us feel certain ways and can even make us more feel more relaxed or stressed. With websites online the general rule is you want to make your text color not overpowering. On a white background I would recommend a dark grey, like the writing on this blog. Don’t use a black text it’s too overpowering and makes your writing hard to read.

If you look around the Internet you will notice the majority of top websites out there use a dark grey. It is not just coincidence, it is a easy to look at color compared to black. I wouldn’t recommend using colours as text on a white background as it will only favour certain readers however small amounts can look good to highlight an area.

Other text colors on other background colors other than white involves alot of trial and error depending on what your template looks like. Trial one text color then trial another. In the end if you find your blog or website hard to look at and read so will your readers…

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