What is your Blog About?

what is your blog aboutI thought i would ask you all the important question – What is your Blog about..? What is your main theme…? Comment below about it…

If you want to include a quick summary about why you are a blogger as well, that would be great.

To begin the blog question – What is your Blog about..? I will write a short summary of my blog.
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what is your blog about - timon weller“My Blog is about helping people learn how to make money online. For 4 years now i myself, Timon Weller have been making a living off online work from many different website sources in particular E commerce selling, Directories and Affiliate Marketing…

Because i have been doing this for a while now, i decided to make a blog dedicated to showing the many ways of making money online and related topics. I have always loved to write as well, so expressing myself with blogging is an amazing medium for me…”

Timon Weller

What is your Blog about?


  1. I’m a fashion blogger that blogs about other stuff that interests me like travelling, food/beverages, music, and a lot more that I love. I started blogging years ago using social network blogs, free blogs, and just recently…4months ago, I started my own blog… I write about tips and other helpful, entertaining facts to my readers. I am still learning how to optimize the money earning possibilities for my blog.

    Thanks Timon!

  2. rampantheart says

    I would call my blog an eclectic one, rather than categorising it! And my blog basically covers articles on humor, satire, philosophy and poetry. And my niche would be “writing”. It isn’t a personal one though!

  3. My blog is really messy but actually it’s all about the things that I’m interested in. At first, it was kind of hard to think of a niche that I would not have a struggle to maintain, but some did say that the niche should be about me. While tech blogs, money making blogs and all specific niches of my interest are growing in number, I decided not to join the bandwagon.

    So I decided to make a personal blog (okay, not a good choice). But I still make money out of it. It even pays more compared to other part time jobs. It’s really rewarding for me as a student to be able to earn at my own pace. 🙂

  4. My blog is about living a successful life. I consider financial, health, personal and spiritual goals and write about ways to live more successfully. It’s not about the end game, rather I focus on the journey.

    I got into blogging as a way to begin writing again. Also, the blog is my digital footprint and adds to my resume and portfolio.

  5. michael lanphere says

    my blog is about being a liberal in a very red state. just observations from my life

  6. I have two blogs
    http://onecoolsite.wordpress.com contains Tips and Tutorials on How to Become a Better Blogger, How to Build a Better Blog and where to find free Blogging Tools and Resources.

    http://thistimethisspace.com contains posts on conscious living, personal development, health, relationships, self improvement, sexuality, spirituality and alternative medicine.

    I have never monetized a blog but I’m considering monetizing thistimethisspace

  7. My blog is about God, church, and nuns.

  8. My blog is all about the new Technologies and Software Engineering Coding standerds.

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