What Makes an Awesome Blog?

There are so many elements to creating an awesome blog including great content, branding, nice theme, plenty of traffic, a in demand niche and lastly dedication.. Are these factors all we need to take a blog from the ordinary to what readers consider awesome and if they are, are you balancing all factors?

What truly makes a blog more unique or Awesome..?

When blogging online it is easy to forget the fundamentals of all these elements, it is always good to write them down and keep note of how to keep on track.. Too many blog writers out there, focus on one factor and leave out others yet when it finally comes down to it there blog is suffering.. So what is the solution..?

Readers Decide what is Awesome!

The best solution I find is occasionally to stop and reassess your writing and goals with your blog.. If you notice one of the elements above lacking, focus on that for a while to bring your blog back up.. If you find you are focusing on one area for too long and that is effecting your blog, step back and take time to think of your readers. One of the best advices I find is thinking from there perspective.. That’s what makes a blog Awesome.. Be the blog writer and reader as well.. Go over your blog often, look at the flaws, we all have them and work on fixing them..

(If Superman had a Blog would it be awesome because of his writing or because he is Superman..? Image from the movie Superman Returns)

In the end, your blog is all a reflection of yourself.. When your writing is honest, clear, emotional and lastly focused on readers in your area, your blog will do a lot better.. I have seen so many blog writers do this simple change with there blogs to see a massive response.. It’s good to remember it is not the blog owner that needs to think your blog is awesome, it is the readers that need to agree..

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