What Motivates You to Work Online?

Everyone expresses motivation differently…

Some people are motivated by money, some are motivated by passion while others are motivated by ……….?

When working online for yourself, it is important to remind ourselves of what motivates us the most to keep us going on a regular basis. The main factor being that working online can mean a lot of investment of time and effort, so before the initial earnings happen is the biggest test for any online worker. The test being you..

“Motivation plus Perseverance is Important!”

It’s important not to discourage your self too much, as i have seen many websites and bloggers go from no earnings one day to next day earning a good extra monthly income. This happens nearly every day so mindset is key as well.  The main element that is important to coincide with motivation is perseverance. Just keep at it.. And perseverance is something that should have more credit.

In a way it is like motivation is the driver, however it’s perseverance that keeps us going.

What Motivates Me…?

  • Passion for writing
  • Money (online is my full time income)
  • Goals and Plans
  • More Time for family

If you feel like you are lagging and becoming demotivated in the process of trying to make money online, one of the best tips is to always go back and look at the element that motivated you in the beginning. Go back and work on your own understandings and passion. Focusing on this is part of the key, was it for more time with family, for future success or because it is your sole passion in life that you need to share..

Find your motivation again,  make the plan and keep at it…

What motivates you to work online?

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