What the Bing is going on?

Recently I did a post about how I miss MSN in my Statistics. Then came along Bing, that’s right it is MSN’s new search engine.. At first when I saw it in my stats i thought what is this one..? Thoughts came to mind of a casino type search engine, Bing being like Bingo.. However I was wrong.

bing search engine

Bing is a total change for MSN and I guess this one would of taken many by surprise. (What the Bing is going on? )

So far this is what I have noticed, the algorithm seems a lot more improved with better indexing, however only time will fully tell for full indexing all of the change. I am so far getting more referrals from them as well, I am unsure how others are going but I will wait and see..

I don’t know how you feel about MSN or Bing yet, but I am hoping a bit more competition for Google and Yahoo can come back out of MSN search engine soon.. Fingers crossed hey..

What do you think of Bing..?

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