What’s the difference between a Unique Visitor and a Targeted Unique Visitor?

unique visitor or targeted unique visitorThere is a big difference between these two so i wanted to define it further. In my last post i mentioned the needed element of having at least 50% targeted unique visitors to your website. Well let me define these two separately then i will show the difference.

“The Difference between how much targeted and non targeted unique visitors you receive can greatly effect your online income….?”

Unique Visitor –

A unique visitor is a visitor that is browsing your website but is not specifically looking for what you have to offer, they could become interested, they might not. These visitors could find you through directories or just generally from browsing the Internet.

Either way a unique visitor is still a great visitor because they might click on some advertising (Bidvertiser, Kontera, Affiliate programs) or they might even become interested.

Targeted Unique Visitor –

These are the visitors that are great in any online because they are already searching for what you have to offer and the chances of them purchasing or using your service has greatly increased.

Search engine results is a great example of targeted traffic. If a visitor finds your website for cheap hosting in Google and you offer it then they are interested already.

This doesn’t necessarily entail a sale or use of your service it just increases your odds. Having a good number of Targeted unique visitors is essential to any online business. Another way you could get these visitors is category specific Directory listings, as well as paying for advertising on related websites.

“So now do you see the difference…between Unique targeted Traffic and just Unique Traffic…?”

While it is impossible to have only just targeted traffic it is noticeable if your online website is not receiving any. It really does effect Roi (return on investment) for your website. So the difference these two really is targeted traffic is always the best.

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